In my first post on cyber security priorities, I talked about the desire for companies to put in place the basic security controls in order to mitigate the risk of a successful breach as well as implement training programs to encourage behaviours within the business to change.

Part 2 explores a third priority for organisations – MSS support.

For companies who have financial and time barriers, working with a Managed Security Service (MSS) partner can help. They can benefit from an independent assessment to help them understand their risk exposure, consider best practice, prioritise activities and articulate these at all levels of the business. A third party can also address the issue around security skills shortages. MSS partners take away the problem of there not being enough resource – they know how and where to find the right experts, invest in training and improve professional qualifications as well as make these experts available around the clock.

It’s worth noting that businesses should take caution when choosing an MSS partner. Find one that is prepared to work within the business model and strategic aims – not to their own agenda. It’s about getting access to their collective global knowledge and systems, and highly experienced people.

Our In Brief on Managed Security Services provides an interesting overview on how working with a third party can be a comprehensive alternative for companies attempting to manage all the threat dynamics in-house.