Collaboration across the banking sector when looking at fraudulent activity is the norm and this approach has to become the norm in cyber defence. Most, if not all, the major technology companies have the ability to detect once on any instance and update the entire installed base. This detect and share capability is dramatically changing the enterprise security architectures that organisations are implementing but it has to go beyond technology companies. 

Collaboration alliances are being formed across the information security landscape to address an often narrow and specific technology focus but, as with most of these initiatives, there is more than one body, which doesn’t help the businesses they are trying to protect. A comprehensive enterprise security architecture has to cover every aspect of the increasingly complex business infrastructure. From the increasing focus on executives in companies and social networks to the use of apps for everything. So collaboration from the leading cyber defence companies is essential but also is the awareness and collaboration within your own company. 

Organisations need to get used to sharing information internally and to share knowledge and best practice. Our own research indicates that 4 in 10 employees think that their data is more secure at home than on computers at work. Too often indicators of compromise are ignored because they are low level and not obvious - emails or alerts are simply deleted. 

Implementing a comprehensive information security awareness campaign within your organisation will help ensure that everyone is aware of the risks and understands that collaboration with your business risk department is the best way to reduce your overall risk.