In the IT security industry, we have seen a resurgence of machine based learning and anomaly based detection which boasts the capabilities that machines have to identify the threats that lie within our organisations. Finding a needle in a haystack of needles is a term I often hear. It is easy to forget the need for a balance between people, processes and technology.

It is interesting to see that the importance of this balance is seen in other industries too. The article below highlights how Mercedes Benz production lines are removing a number of their robots for human alternatives, citing that the robots are unable to deal with the different options that are being offered to customers.

If we relate this to the IT security world, it is key that in an ever changing and sophisticated threat landscape we have the ability to add human intelligence, context and reasoning capabilities to find the bespoke threats targeting our organisations. All while assisting the 'robots' to perform to the best of their abilities, implementing often complex algorithms, which is essentially delivering a repeatable task which would be overly time consuming for any human to do.