Clearly the information security market is hot but the investment money market is beginning to be a bit more discerning. If you look at the RSA floor, for example, you will see the start-ups vying for attention. They are all trying to have a unique message but they are all effectively the same. The consistent themes we are seeing are UBA User Behaviour Analysis, which is the main one, and CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers), Endpoint and Intelligence. 

The larger, more established players are pushing their platforms and this plays very well with what our clients are demanding from us – visibility, consolidation and context. Visibility will play a key part in information and risk management over the next few years, (if you can’t see it you can’t manage it). Consolidation with even Gartner questioning the need for two different firewalls in your infrastructure plays a key part in visibility. There is also a clear shift into collaboration, not only from a technology perspective but also from a partnership perspective. 

I have spent the week with all of our strategic partners and without exception they are all crying out for global partners that understand the challenges of global complex deployments and a focus on cyber security solutions. The platform message is core to the eco systems that we are developing to address every aspect of an adaptive cyber security architecture. The other area that is raising its head and, was not really addressed on the floor at RSA but more in the keynote sessions, is compliance. The shift to Privacy Shield and the new Directive in the EU will focus organisations to demonstrate that they are doing all that they can do to protect privacy. 

Finally, the rush to capitalise on the hype in the market has resulted in a wealth of start-ups addressing what they think is a unique problem but the reality is we need to think differently about information security and risk management. Those that do this will survive and flourish.