Innovation is at the heart of the cybersecurity industry as it attempts to keep pace with those that wish to disrupt, defraud or damage organisations. I recently discovered a number of interesting quotes from Albert Einstein which help explain why innovation is important and the challenges associated with it.

The first is: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"

Einstein's point was that anyone's knowledge and understanding is limited to his own experience, training, education, and information sources. He was also making a case for the advancement of science and knowledge, which expands the inventory of possible solutions to any problem. And does so in surprising and sometimes unpredictable ways.

This is true for information security and risk management today as we see the advent of a whole host new techniques and methods for thwarting potential adversaries with intent on breaching the security of businesses. However, this is also true for our adversaries in that they are always seeking new innovative methods for achieving their goals. What this tells us is that every organisation’s security architecture needs to be fluid and allow for innovation.

The second is: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”

Einstein’s point here is slightly clearer and also runs true to the innovation prevalent in the IT security market today. Given the sheer number of new innovative solutions after a share of a company’s security budget, it can be challenging to identify where to invest in order to get the best results and, more importantly, where not to invest and further add to complexity.

What’s crucial is that organisations are able to establish a resilient cyber defence architecture in line with their business objectives. Programs such as our new Cyber Security Innovation programme can help them deliver a fluid architecture that enables innovation, and looks at new emerging capabilities and solutions in the market. This helps organisations understand where best to invest their security budgets in order to make the maximum reduction to the business risk they are exposed to. Through innovation, businesses can access a multitude of new and emerging solutions that have been independently evaluated  in order to meet individual business demands.