Information Security World (ISW) 2016, a two day conference and expo successfully hosted by NTT Com Security in Frankfurt, has confirmed: the quality of cyber threats is increasing rapidly, and there is no reason to rest on its safety laurels. Quite the opposite in fact.

NTT Com Security recorded around 400 high-profile participants from the IT security environment, dedicated to the theme of this year's event: "Mastering Cyber Defense – the need for holistic security strategies".

NTT Com Security offered around 50 lectures in five parallel tracks around the themes "Cyber Defense Center & SOC Solutions", "Prevention & Protection", “Cloud Security”, “Web Security & Malware”, “Endpoint, Mobile & Access Security” as well as "Incident Response, Analytics & Forensics", "Business Application Security" and “GRC”. In addition, NTT Com Security hosted a CISO roundtable with CISOs discussing the increasing quality and intensity of advanced threats. In all discussions this was clearly confirmed. Hackers set the pace, businesses and public organizations need to upgrade their systems again and make their defensive strategy so that they can adapt flexibly to new attacks. There is no reason to sit back just because security measures currently appear successful. The next attack is sure to come, and the ever more creative and aggressive approach of hackers requires constant vigilance in any organization.

In fact, the Global Threat Intelligence Report of the NTT Group has shown that 65 percent of surveyed business decision makers expect to be attacked in the foreseeable future; However, only 22 percent were all respondents consider data in their company were stored completely safely. This discrepancy points to the overtaxing of many companies when it comes to effective defense solutions. The report unfortunately confirms that many companies and authorities are still not sufficiently prepared for cyber security attacks and are therefore often overwhelmed.

The ISW in Germany has demonstrated that the security industry and experts from market leading companies are reacting by focusing more on smarter pro-active solutions. These are designed block malicious code before being deployed in critical environments or identify and react to an attack much earlier.

A comprehensive cyber defense strategy is therefore more necessary than ever. Ideally, businesses and public organizations eliminate their security silos and set up a central security department under the guidance of a CISO. Such a strategy must go beyond the mere perimeter protection and also provide proactive security mechanisms.