I wanted to share the following post from CTO Mike Hrabik, which explains the formation of NTT Security...

NTT Group Unifies the NTT Security Businesses to Form NTT Security Corporation

I am extremely excited to let you know that NTT Group has unified the NTT security businesses to form NTT Security Corporation, a specialized security company to deliver Managed Security Services (MSS) and security expertise through the NTT operating companies worldwide.

NTT Security will combine Solutionary with NTT Com Security and the managed security services platforms of both Dimension Data and NTT Communications, all of which will be integrated with the security platform of NTT Group’s R&D arm, NTT Innovation Institute.

As a result of the merger, the Solutionary company name will change after August 1 to NTT Security (US) Inc. This name change will allow us to present ourselves as a fully-fledged subsidiary of the NTT Group.

The rationale for this merger is quite simple: together we have an improved ability to deliver what our clients and the security industry have long been asking for – an integrated approach to cutting-edge security solutions powered by global threat intelligence, all delivered as part of a wider set of technology services through one point of contact. Our clients will be able to benefit immediately from the combined NTT Security experience and extensive services.

What is especially notable is that this merger is occurring at exactly the right time. Over the last several years we have seen cyber attacks not only accelerate, but also intensify. At the same time, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shortage of security talent needed to combat these threats. The rules of engagement increasingly favor the threat actor. Lacking the resources to mount an adequate defense, many organizations are turning to managed security services providers (MSSP) to either augment their internal teams or obtain a completely managed solution. A look at the marketplace shows that MSSPs are consolidating to keep up with demand for security providers that offer a broader profile of technology and services.

Nothing is more important to us than our clients’ satisfaction, security and over all experience. We are committed to seamlessly delivering cyber resilience by enabling our clients to build high-performing and effective security and risk management programs with controls that enable them to overcome constantly changing security challenges. Through the Full Security Life Cycle we ensure that scarce resources are used effectively by providing the right mix of integrated consulting, managed, cloud and hybrid services.

As NTT Security, we expect to take the extensive, combined experience in security and managed services and become a leader in this ever-changing industry. The merger brings the best and brightest of all the organizations together, enabling us to provide an extensive portfolio of best-in-breed technologies and services, while boasting seasoned management and exceptional technical staff. There is no doubt in my mind that the company’s scale is going to give us an edge in meeting any need our clients may have.

NTT will also focus on expanding globally. This merger will also allow us to attract and retain the best of the best in the industry, as we have in the past, and allow us to grow without sacrificing the level of quality and customer service that got us to where we are today.

NTT Security will be driven by global and regional headquarters across the US, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Japan; and is expected to provide customers the best mix of global integration and local responsiveness. NTT has appointed the following team of experienced leaders to lead this new company. Solutionary CEO and co-founder Steve Idelman will serve as CEO of the U.S. region through December, at which point I will take up the role of CEO for the U.S. Region.

In an industry that too often sees organizations fighting a battle to, at best, hold their own, the merger brings a wealth of benefits. I could not be more excited about what the future of NTT Security holds for our customers, employees and partners.

Mike Hrabik

CTO and Regional COO, US

NTT Security Management

Global Headquarters

Representative Director and       Jun Sawada

President, Chief Executive Officer         (Senior Executive Vice President of NTT)

Director, Chief Operating Officer          Frank Brandenburg

                                           (CEO, NTT Com Security)

Director, Chief Administrative             Kazunori Yozawa

Officer, Chief Compliance Officer          (Vice President of MSS-TF, NTT Communications)

Director, Chief Financial Officer          Martin Naughalty

                                           (CFO, NTT Com Security)

Director, Chief Technology Officer         Mike Hrabik

                                           (President & CTO, Solutionary)

Director                                   Tsunehisa Okuno

                                           (Senior Vice President,

                                           Head of Global Business Office, NTT)

Director                                   Kazuhiko Okubo

                 (Executive Research Engineer, Secure Platform

                 Laboratories, Service Innovation Laboratory Group, NTT)

Director                                   Akitoshi Hattori

                                           (Senior Manager, Global Business Office, NTT)

Regional Headquarters

USA Region CEO                             Steve Idelman*

                                           (CEO, Solutionary)

USA Region President & COO                 Mike Hrabik

                                           (President & CTO, Solutionary)

Europe Region CEO                          Frank Brandenburg

                                           (CEO, NTT Com Security)

APAC Region CEO                            Martin Schlatter

                                           (Director Security Services, Dimension Data)

Japan Region CEO                           Kazunori Yozawa

                                           (Vice President of MSS-TF, NTT Communications)