Security is nowadays an omnipresent topic. It’s always in the spotlight due to all of the spectacular breaches and it is one of the fastest growing markets in the IT Industry. New technologies are arising each day with security experts highlighting the fact that security is still not getting the necessary level of attention – explaining the problem and threat situation again and again.

Of course the companies and the industry discuss innovative ways to handle the dynamic threat landscape; new regulations have been defined in nearly all countries and regions. But is it good enough? Do we really address the root cause of the problem? Do we treat cybercrime like ordinary burglary? Do we secretly hope that it will hit someone else first? 

Quite often we see investments cover only the traditional and necessary threats, documenting policies and using these activities as fig leaves to show there is a focus on security to protect the critical assets. It is to a certain degree frustrating to hear security companies talking about risks and companies following established security strategies, while cyber attackers develop innovative ways to steal, blackmail, and sabotage. This is also underlining the self-evident.

A paradigm shift is necessary – stop talking and work with the same passion as the attackers do. Of course we need a lot of protection measures securing our critical assets and innovations, but we also need to transform our security approach. Early and smart detection is one of the key components but it requires massive investment to cope with the dynamic changing threat landscape. So why not leverage the combined knowledge of a global security expert and get a quick start with a holistic analysis platform? Why not focus on creating business value by delivering secure solutions using the security by design approach instead of following the traditional path of protecting the already open perimeter?

Yes, we all see daily reports about breaches and sadly we are getting used to it. Cybersecurity has become part of our daily life. Speaking about the omnipresent cyber threats, reading hundreds of reports documenting the parallelisation and stagnation, treating cybersecurity like an insurance business and defining new rules will not improve the situation. It is time to act – cybersecurity has to add business value. Stop reinventing the wheel again and again, leverage best practices and, last but not least, drive innovation to gain an advantage in the daily security battle. There are great solutions out there – think out of the box and don’t follow the path already walked before.