The security world is full of acronyms and jargon. It’s easy to feel anxious about what you don’t know and what you fear you might need. The technology press and the vendor community intensify the security hype around these words. The latest terminology and buzzwords should have no impact on a well-planned and well-executed security program, where you have proactively stayed ahead of the game.

There’s never been more choice in security technology and while this clearly benefits the industry as a whole, this poses many questions. For instance, are you struggling to make sense of the overwhelming number of solutions out there to protect your environment of personal devices, public networks, mobile and cloud applications? Does your organisation rely on security products from multiple vendors that are hard to integrate and rely on dedicated internal IT resources? Is the recruitment of security talent becoming a continuous challenge for your organisation as you face an evermore complex security environment? The answer to all of these questions is most probably “YES” for most organisations!

Too often adding more technology is seen as the solution, but if you make ill-advised choices, and don’t take enough care with Managing and Operating security, it’s not going to deliver the value you are expecting.

Organisations need to avoid unnecessary complexity and take a more focused approach. Read our full In View on Reducing Complexity to see how this could be achieved.

NTT Security provides a range of Technology Implementation and Support services. We can alleviate the burden of having to deal with multiple security vendors for complex technical issues and ensure swift resolution of technical issues you may face. We can also be your single point of contact across your supported security technology estate. Our team of dedicated and highly-skilled security experts can work as an extension to your technical support organisation. To find out more, please click here.

It’s also important to remember that careful planning and placing trust in your security program will keep you focused and reduce the complexity in managing your security. NTT Security’s Full Security Life Cycle Model aims to make things simple for your organisation and provide the services you need in the manner best suited to your specific situation: consulting, managed, cloud, hybrid and support services.