2016 is almost over and it’s safe to say that cybersecurity has been white hot over the last 12 months. But what has the industry been talking about the most? If you look at our NTT Security blog, cyber insurance, machine learning, and innovation have been just a few hot topics.

In no particular order, here is a round up of our most shared posts this year…

1. Read the fine print on cyber insurance

Companies that want to transfer some of the risk of a breach are increasingly turning to cyber insurance, but they're not always getting what they think they're paying for.

As explained in the post from Chris Camejo, insurance policies are not a license to be reckless. A smart business will implement a security program that includes both technological and process controls to prevent breaches and consider an insurance policy only as a supplement to their own solid risk-based security program, not a replacement for it.

2. It takes more than a machine to define normal

Machine learning and the holy grail of anomaly detection are getting a lot of attention from investors and businesses at the moment. A subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from, and make predictions on, data.

There is huge scope for machine learning to become effective, but Garry Sidaway believes that humans are still the best at analytics and intuitive reasoning. Where machine learning really helps is in enabling experts to become more efficient and able to draw a level of intelligence from the huge amount of “data noise”. 

3. Why innovation matters in cybersecurity

Innovation is at the heart of the cybersecurity industry and Dave Polton discovered a number of interesting quotes which help explain why innovation is important. Through innovation, businesses can access a multitude of new and emerging solutions that have been independently evaluated in order to meet individual business demands.

Programs such as our Cyber Security Innovation programme look at new emerging capabilities and solutions in the market, helping organisations understand where best to invest their security budgets in order to make the maximum reduction to the business risk they are exposed to.

4. Who’s the boss when it comes to cybersecurity?

Randika Fernando recently blogged that one thing most organisations don’t seem to be able to agree on is who's responsible for cybersecurity. In many ways, the board needs to take as much responsibility for the company’s execution of cybersecurity as it does for financial performance.

The problem is that many boards still don’t really get it – and keeping up with the rapidly-evolving world of security is a challenge. It’s important the board sees its responsibility as prioritising cybersecurity and ensuring the right procedures are in place and adequately funded within the business in order to move to a state of lower risk.

5. NTT Security – a new name, a new era

Finally, the really exciting news for everyone across NTT this year was the formation of a new specialised security company 'NTT Security'. On 1st August, NTT Security started its operations, bringing together NTT’s advanced analytics technologies, threat intelligence and security experts.

In our blog post shortly after the announcement in June, we said that by, establishing a worldwide team of specialised security experts under one global brand, our new company will look to help every organisation put security towards the top of its business agenda. The new name marks a new and exciting era, with NTT so committed to delivering whatever resources and investment it takes for NTT Security to be the world's largest information security and risk management company.