With the number of high profile cyber attacks reported in the media increasing, IT security seems like an interesting place to be right now. Couple that with images from plenty of TV dramas and films of people working away in high tech labs or futuristic looking surveillance centres usually sitting at a desk next to a big digital clock or countdown timer ticking away with minutes or seconds to spare trying to either hack in or stop people from hacking into vital systems as a matter of life or death and it can all get a little over exhilarating!  OK, so real life may be a little different…The countdown timer may just be a standard clock on the wall, people may not wear as many black sunglasses indoors and all cars in the staff car park may not be fully kitted out black SUVs. But some depictions may not be too far off the mark!

As exciting as working in IT security sounds, did you know there is actually a global information security workforce skills shortage?  The lack of internal resource to keep pace with a growing problem of ever advancing cybersecurity threats means that it’s no longer possible for many organisations to tackle all aspects of information security management in-house.  Furthermore, in addition to the growing frequency and complexity of threats, the regulatory landscape is also changing. 

Stretched IT departments are struggling to keep on top of information security and the consequences can have a serious impact on the vulnerability of the business.  They need more resources to manage this.  They also need the right resources – not IT generalists, but people with forensic skills, industry expertise, incident handling experience, an understanding of mobile security demands, up-to-date compliance knowledge, experts in cloud security and people with the analytical skills and experience to see what others might miss. Can you see yourself taking on any of these roles?

For most organisations facing the current skills shortage, Managed Security Services are the way forward.  Many organisations choose to fully outsource security operations to the experts so they can focus their efforts on developing and growing their own businesses. NTT Security is a Managed Security Service provider, and we keep our fingers on the pulse to deliver Managed Security Services with advanced analytics and unique threat intelligence using our security experts.

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