RSA has confirmed that our approach is meeting our clients’ changing needs. You just have to take a look at the exhibition floor to see the complexity of the cybersecurity industry now and the difficulties our clients face when trying to protect themselves against the increasing cyber threat. Also take a look at the way that businesses are looking to maintain and grow their client base through digital transformation and you can clearly see the need to focus – on the workspace of tomorrow and business analytics and big data as well as focus on cyber threats. This is why we have transformed NTT Security to address the changing demands of business and what our clients are telling us. 

The other clear message from the sessions is that they need experts in not only their business processes and applications but also experts in cyber resilience – providing a single engagement model to our clients provides this focus. Our combined strength provides our clients with not only resilience to cyber attacks but also business resilience to protect their brand and to enable them to adapt and grow and take the opportunities that the global economy presents.

NTT Security's evolution fits into the emerging concept of secure digital transformation. Businesses and our clients are having to transform – our world now is typically a small screen. These are no longer phones, but work tools. We collaborate, socialise, work, pay our bills, and control our homes. The workspace of tomorrow will be very different and we have to integrate cyber resilience into everything we do – it cannot be an afterthought or bolted on – it has to be embedded and designed and integrated as part of the overall solution.

NTT Security provides the focus that is required to navigate the changing cyber threats and our sister companies provide the client focus. We will continue supplying our clients with integrated cybersecurity solutions, we will continue to drive innovation and research to make our smart people more efficient. We will take advantage of the huge investment in R&D that NTT commits to every year, not only in cybersecurity, but across business intelligence, data analytics, hybrid IT to enable the workspace of tomorrow. This provides our clients with business resilience to enable them to grow their business and create new market opportunities. NTT is the only company that can provide all the components for the businesses of today and tomorrow in a single client focused solution. 

We will continue to collaborate with our clients to understand their business and the risks that they face and to put those risks in context. We will continue to have the integrity to provide the solutions that are right for our clients and the market which will build trust in our solutions and services. The RSA conference has reinforced the need to provide our clients with solutions that enables their business by embedding cybersecurity into the business – business driven security as RSA would say.