Henry Ford once stated “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses". Instead he created the Ford Model T, the first affordable automobile which changed the mode of transport for millions of people.

I am two days into the 2017 RSA conference in San Francisco and, whilst there is an abundance of technologies touting the benefits of machine based learning, artificial intelligence and automation, I am still yet to find a comprehensive new technology solution that takes cybersecurity to the next level.

The main themes seem to be concentrating on mobile, cloud, IoT and EDR/MDR (endpoint/managed detection and response). However, most of the solutions I have seen in this space are delivering increased capabilities using the techniques mentioned above. Whilst the industry clearly requires more efficient technology capabilities, the human skill deficit remains, and continues to grow. Essentially, we are just building faster horses and, at some point we are going to meet the limit, so we need to see a step change.

It's not all doom and gloom however. I have seen a couple of bright ideas. The first around using taxonomy to identify malicious markers in information flows that offers a unique way to protect against any threat – past, present and future. The second, offering a new approach to defend against compromised credentials by protecting an organisations active directory infrastructure. 

I am back on the floor tomorrow, so where is the next Henry Ford? I don’t mind if it only comes in one colour…