In an increasingly changing business world, it is important for organisations to respond, anticipate and adapt to their environment. It is therefore little surprise that the concept of business resilience has become more relevant as it defines the need for organisations to navigate disruptions and recover from them quickly. Whilst the term can be quite broad in its application, and includes both the physical and digital aspects of an organisation, the need for robust cybersecurity must not be underestimated in an overall approach.

As part of a comprehensive business resilience model, organisations must understand and manage their cyber risks to both physical and digital infrastructure. If applied correctly, an integrated approach to cybersecurity can enable the reduction of an organisation's risk footprint in the first instance, enabling it to resist the increasing cyber threats and, if necessary, recover quickly and efficiently from a breach.

In order to manage this to best effect, organisations should consider cybersecurity as an inherent part of their digital transformation goals. The digital economy and advances in technology can be embraced to drive competitive advantage, expand into new markets or work in more productive ways. To support these benefits, there is an opportunity for cybersecurity to be built into transformation projects rather than bolted on later, which means a far more integrated approach and effective way to manage broader business resilience.

Whether digital transformation projects are being designed or are actively underway, it is not too late to consider cybersecurity as part of the mix. The ideal is, of course, to build these components into wider projects from the start. However, organisations can get help in identifying the right cybersecurity approach for them as they drive towards a cyber maturity model that meets their overall business goals.

By bringing in the right expertise, organisations can understand their appetite for risk, employ best practice, prioritise action items and close vulnerabilities. This not only underpins an overall business resilience approach right now, but can be maintained to provide a continuous operational approach to manage appropriate cyber risk maturity.

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