As I have been looking at innovation in cybersecurity for some time now, I have started to realise that it is relatively straightforward to classify what business benefits new innovative technology providers attempt to provide. I call these the four pillars of innovation.

These four pillars are; Relevance, Accuracy, Efficiency and Confidence.

Relevance - This is largely aimed at the amount of information an organisation needs to consume in order to accurately adapt their cybersecurity architectures to address the threats that are specific to their organisation. In short, taking vast amounts of information and deriving targeted intelligence that is relevant to your organisation.

Accuracy - This pillar focused more on the traditional preventative approach to security. Technology providers in this areas attempt to accurately prevent as much of the 'known bad' threats as possible. This is often using new techniques so we can expand our knowledge of 'known bad'. I also refer to this as preventing noise. The more you can prevent, the more time and money you have to invest in the costly exercise of detection and response.

Efficiency - This is a simple one. Cybersecurity resources are increasingly finite. This pillar focuses on driving efficiency, whether it be through automation, or providing tools to enable lesser skilled personnel to perform skills associated with tenured security analysts. The outcome is simple, solutions in this space focus on delivering more value with less input.

Confidence - When the worst does happen, solutions in this pillar focus on delivering confidence to organisations so they can respond to an incident confident that they understand exactly who, what, when and why it happened enabling them to recover effectively and efficiently.

All of the technology providers that I have looked at over the last year strive to deliver one or more of these four pillars. They either attempt to excel in one particular pillar or tackle delivering capabilities that can be spread across two or more in an attempt to deliver greater value. 

What is for certain is that those that can address all four, and prove themselves against those that excel in a single area, are going to be at the top of any organisations wish list. 

I am still on the hunt!