Continuing my digital transformation journey, I saw this article in the paper recently. It was about a dad taking his son to university for the first time. The article provoked me into looking at my phone. Why not take a look at the apps on your smartphone, which is now a must-have business tool for all of us. 

As I travel a lot, I have a currency converter and world clock – essential to ensure I don’t wake my colleagues in the middle of the night! My travel app allows me to check on flights and download my boarding pass. I also have the latest free communication app, calendar and, of course, maps. If I take a longer look, I have translation, business card, news and sports apps, along with hotel, car and train apps for making my whole life easy to manage in a fully digital world. I can even sync my calendar with my wife's so she knows I will be late home (again). I can look and share pictures of my kids, so I remember what they look like, and communicate with them via WhatsApp (other apps are available)! 

So my pictures are digital, my calendar is digital, my boarding pass is digital, and my music is digital. My wallet and tickets are now a simple 'tap and go' and I no longer hunt for the rail ticket. 

I always know where my phone is and, if you look around you, so does everyone else. We are all consumed by the small screen we are constantly looking at. No longer do we have physical possessions; rather we hold our lives on a small device that we carry everywhere. 

The key point here is that it's very important to ensure that cybersecurity is embedded into the infrastructure and business applications that support this massive mobile app culture. 

As a developer of business apps, how do you ensure that secure development practices are taking place? As a business, are you fully aware of the regional requirements for data privacy? This goes beyond GDPR as apps typically aren’t regionally specific and are available to everyone globally. 

As an individual, are you aware your voice requests are being analysed potentially in a different country? As we continue our march towards a digital world, businesses have to focus on privacy and secure application development along with secure infrastructure to support our virtual lives. 

The one physical thing we maintain and cherish is our phone. We as professionals have to think very differently on what this means to cybersecurity and a resilient business architecture.