2018 has arrived (Happy New Year!), so that’s goodbye to 2017. We’ve secured many businesses and even thwarted a cyber attack the night before Christmas. But now it’s time to look at the year ahead. What challenges will we face and how will we overcome them? Here are my top predictions:


Digital transformation projects require a different cybersecurity approach

Digital disruption is all around us and, for businesses to be agile and dynamic, they need to build in cyber resilience into their businesses. We have seen numerous headlines regarding breaches and the cyber threat and we have for many years stated that security shouldn’t be an afterthought. Cyber resilience has to be designed into the business processes so the business can take advantage of digital transformation and the business opportunities this provides.

Securing the cloud is so tomorrow

Businesses have to determine now, where the cloud is and how the individual is leveraging this to meet business demands. So securing the workspace of the worker of tomorrow is paramount and leveraging smart working practices is essential. IoT is pushing the cloud to the edge and closer to the processes and devices that make up our business environment. These need to be secured and leveraged to provide optimized business, to proactively manage the individual and machine alike.

Customer intelligence without breaking data privacy

The focus on customer satisfaction and intelligence requires a very different information security model – one that analyses data without undermining privacy. Encryption models and obfuscation require a completely new approach particularly with regards to quantum computing. Or we have to accept that to be secure we have to give away some of our privacy.

Digital business has to focus on integrity and availability

Availability is essential to the digital business but so is integrity. As our world becomes paperless and online, it is essential that integrity of data is embedded into the systems and processes not only with regards to cash but with everything about the individual. Our physical footprint is diminishing and even then our physical devices interact digitally. Integrity and verification will be paramount for trust to be established in a digital world.

Devices, devices everywhere but not a secure one in sight

Clearly IoT is getting a lot of press at the moment and we can clearly see business benefit on collating and analyzing our business systems and devices along with the employees and customers that use them. But as we have seen too often in the past that security is an afterthought. Businesses will start to see benefits of collating data that allows proactive remediation before the business is impacted. However, understanding and securing the massive amounts of data will require a different analytics approach. Cybersecurity might not be the first thought when analyzing a sensor on a production line but we have to get used to the fact that, if we can see the data and modify the controls, then someone else can.