We enter another year, hopefully feeling refreshed, many of us with grand intentions of accomplishing the new year resolutions we have set ourselves. But what about going that one step further and attempting to accomplish something innovative? 

Firstly, let's look at the difference between a resolution and innovation. A resolution is a goal we set, that is intended to better ones self, something we probably should be doing already, and if we are committed to it we can achieve it. Innovation is looking to change the fundamental way something is done. Creating is something original, more effective and, as a consequence, breaks the traditional ways of doing things. The challenge however is that in striving for innovation we have to be prepared to potentially fail before we succeed.

In the world of cybersecurity, I like to break this down as the difference between clever and creative. A resolution is clever – we anticipate clever. Clever drives a string of peer-powered improvements the industry feeds upon. Innovation is creativity. Creativity is a more uncertain and risky path. It injects a fresh idea into the mainstream. And it presents something new that is yet to be accepted by the cybersecurity elite, overturning conventional methods and architectures. Those are the attributes of the innovator.

So perhaps one resolution, for those intending to attempt to innovate this year, is that we should accept failure, build processes that enable you to learn from your failures, understand how to avoid these pitfalls the next time around and never stop trying. Only then can we embrace innovation.