This week, NTT Security is hosting one of our biggest internal events in Munich, Germany, focusing primarily on collaboration between NTT Group companies and our partners. This fantastic event is being hosted by our EMEA team and brings together the people, skills and ideas that will carry us forward towards achieving continued success together!

Since the formation of NTT Security in 2016, NTT Security has focused on accelerating collaboration with NTT Group companies and our partners to further strengthen our position as a leader in the industry for delivering specialised Managed Security Services (MSS) and consulting services.

What makes this event and our end-to-end delivery capabilities so unique is the way we are able to come together as one team and jointly bring our agile services to market using the strengths of all that we work with – many of whom are here with us this week to meet, share ideas and plan for the future!

Many great conversations are already taking place here, which will enable us to enhance security services for clients across all NTT Group companies.

Through inclusive networking and collaboration at this event, we also hope to find new ways of ensuring our unique security services reach and enhance the experience of an ever increasing NTT Group client base that has rapidly evolving security needs in this age of digital transformation.

Most of all, this event is a great cultural experience, bringing people together in EMEA and beyond and supporting us in embracing our core values of integrity, diversity and collaboration.

A big thank you to the EMEA team at NTT Security for making this event possible and for the NTT Group companies and our partners that are participating here this week!