As we head towards the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement date, I think we can honestly thank GDPR for the renewed focus it has given many organisations and renewed interest in better ways to effectively support businesses.

We are all likely to have seen the use of GDPR being translated into new solutions being available from every supplier and all with expert views on the subject. Having seen some of this first hand and reflected on it, it would appear that many have really helped make some sense of the challenges we all face!

With data becoming one of the most valuable resources we have, it is key for us all to understand that there are many pieces to the puzzle of only having what is appropriate to you and ensure that you look after that data while you are the custodian. The most significant outcome of the marketing and sales noise around GDPR I have seen is when you go and visit or speak to an organisation that is busy working on its GDPR compliance programme. You are now hearing the noise of many cogs turning and see evidence of a collective effort in motion! So what could this indicate to us all? I think one of the successes from this is the renewed interest and better understanding of the resilient business.

A business that better understands a team effort and common goal can help introduce or re-engineer some governance and compliance processes into a collaborative way of working. It will inherently start building a model of business resilience and, with a few specialist subjects such as data protection (privacy/security) by design, it will see an emerging strategy which can go much further than personally identifiable information.

Thanks GDPR for the reminder that there is no one single expert but many who can achieve much more together.

Thanks GDPR for accountability. A great reminder to all organisations that their business is operated at the executive desk. The GDPR has brought re-enforcement to the requirement for accountability and the need for executives to understand their roles in ensuring compliance is an ongoing feature of their business.

But the biggest thank you has to be the effort to promote knowledge within society that, as data subjects, we all have rights and simple clear knowledge as to who wants to know what about us and how that information can be used.