RSA Conference is always one of the highlights of the cybersecurity industry calendar and it didn’t disappoint again this year. It’s a great opportunity to interact with customers, hear their pain points and share our vision for the future. This past year, we’ve seen cyber threats go off the scale as nation states and financially motivated groups escalate attacks. So, NTT Security came to the show armed with a secret weapon: a new initiative built around the three core tenets of collaborative, adaptive and comprehensive cybersecurity. 

We call this approach “the new science of cybersecurity” and I’m delighted to say it got a great reception. Now it’s time to take it out into the market — leveraging our global threat intelligence, cutting edge technology, and industry partnerships to help our customers where they need it most.

Safeguarding digital transformation 

Speak to any CIO today and top of the priority list will be digital transformation. The advent of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, mobile and more has created major opportunities for innovation-fuelled growth and differentiation. It’s a market set to be worth nearly $800 billion by 2025 as industries as varied as healthcare, manufacturing and government embrace new technology platforms. But on the flip side is cyber risk. As more mission-critical systems go digital they become an attractive target for cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers.

At NTT Security, we’ve been following the trends for nearly two decades and it’s safe to say that cyber threats have never been so diverse. From ransomware to crypto-jacking, advanced information-stealing to IoT attacks — threats are everywhere, and the potential liabilities are huge.

That’s why we’ve developed a new approach designed to focus on and expand our core strengths as a trusted managed security services partner to build true digital resilience for our hyper-connected world.

The new science of cybersecurity 

A collaborative approach is key to delivering effective cybersecurity. That’s why NTT Security works closely with teams and businesses across the overall group: in Dimension Data, NTT Data and NTT Communications. It’s also why we announced at RSA Conference that the company is joining the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA): a consortium of industry players committed to sharing actionable threat intelligence for the greater good of stopping the bad guys. Finally, we’ll step up our work to collaborate with federal agencies — for example, by sharing our expertise with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as it updates the risk management framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity must also be adaptive — ensuring that we don’t fall behind in the ongoing arms race that is the threat landscape. With a $2 billion annual spend on R&D, the group’s thousands of researchers are laser-focused on creating and bringing innovative new solutions to our customers. Among other projects currently under development is a Microservice Trust Infrastructure (MTI) platform designed to improve centralized security and control over IoT devices. Collaboration also has a part to play in adding value here: for example, a new partnership with Symantec will combine its Cloud-Delivered Web Security Services and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technologies with our threat detection and advanced analytics capabilities.

Finally, effective cyber threat protection must be comprehensive. To this end, we offer end-to-end security services ranging from systems integration to strategic consulting to managed security. We’ve even expanded from a core focus on securing IT to protecting operational technology environments in key industries such as energy and utilities, manufacturing, and chemicals. NTT Security can leverage visibility into 3.5 trillion logs across our 10 global Security Operations Centers: that’s threat intelligence on a scale few can match.

Although the NTT Security brand is relatively new, we’ve been protecting organizations for over 17 years now. It’s time to build on this wealth of experience and embark on the next phase of our journey, to meet the rapidly evolving demands of our customers and protect digital transformation.