Simon Sinek, a well-known thinker on leadership, always says “start with why”. What are our values, and why would clients resonate with those values in the long run? Having joined NTT Security a month ago to lead Americas marketing, I’ve had a great opportunity to see “the why” in action.

Impression #1: any managed service, but particularly security, is a trust business. Touring our US Security Operations Center, I learned that a good number of our staff are former military, including the strategic command responsible for the nation’s most powerful weapons. Other team members come out of long careers in law enforcement. That’s certainly not the only background relevant to security, but it speaks to a seriousness of purpose and commitment.

Impression #2: the problem is getting worse. The key facts are there in our Global Threat Intelligence Report 2018, but the sophistication of attackers and the scope of exploits are growing exponentially. There is a real value to a global source of information and thought leadership, that invests in detecting and staying ahead of the threat.

Impression #3: People are the core strength. In working to reduce client risks and respond to incidents, AI and machine learning will only get us so far. Human beings need to analyze what’s really happening, collaborate with partners, and work with clients to address the issues. In the case of NTT Security, the company is fully global, drawing on the competencies of NTT operating companies and staff around the world. We have to bring the best, and that means building a culture of integrity, diversity, and collaboration.

So why should this matter to the enterprise or public sector security leader? The key takeaway is this: really understand the values of the partners you trust to support your business, and not just the services line-up, processes, SLAs, and pricing. Does their “why?” align with yours? More on this in future posts.