Would you, could you, protect my data?

Protect it now, protect it then, please protect it everywhen.

Protect my health and banking stuff, 

though it can be, will be rough.

Policy is done, it's in the can,

I am ready, audit man.

Use a firewall and antivirus,

Listen to experts who says "hire us".

Set your policy, make your plan,

Before it all just hits the fan. 

Would you, could you protect my data?

Protect it here, protect it there, please protect it everywhere.

Do not forget continuity

Or we are lost in perpetuity.

Put our fears all in a thimble,

'cause security it must be nimble.

Protect my private information,

Protect it here and o'er the nation.

I just might join a security alliance,

If it helps in my compliance.


Would you, could you, protect my data?

Protect it good, protect it tight, protect in the dead of night

I’ve done all my security planning,

Firewalls on and websites banning.

Users trained in data protection,

Keep all my systems safe from infection.

Make me both secure and compliant,

On my security team I am reliant.

Cool Data found and segregated,

Systems hardened and isolated.


Would you, could you protect my data?

Protect it well, protect it good, please protect it in da hood.

It really is not much a reach,

To say I worry about a breach.

Every day I do my database backup,

But the threats they continue to stack up.

Make my data safe with encryption,

And my users have a conniption.

And when you leave, I worry more,

What all just walked right out my door? 

Would you, could you, protect my data?

Protect it olde, protect it gnu, protect my data true.

I want so much to make this easy,

Security must not, can not be sleazy.

After all of this, I worry about most,

That some techno-teen of me will boast.

Before I get a permanent vacation,

I must have in place true revocation.

If only I could see like echolocation

Security, it is my lifelong vocation. 

I would, if I could, yes, protect your data.

Protect it then, protect it now, protect that data all somehow.

Protect the media, wherever it sits,

Though I know it will give you fits.

Protect the apps and database,

And keep security up in your face.

Follow the standards, follow the law,

I know it will keep you just in awe.

The hardest part is not being a jerk,

And making everything all just work.

The bad part is, no matter what I do,

In the end, it’s up to you.