It's the usual hectic time at RSA with a lot going on from an NTT perspective. First of all, we welcome WhiteHat Security to our family. Today, NTT Security has signed a definitive agreement to acquire WhiteHat Security

As Katsumi Nakata, our Chief Executive Officer, says: “By bringing WhiteHat Security into our portfolio, we are now well positioned to deliver on our vision of securing a smart and connected society by providing comprehensive security solutions for enterprises undergoing digital transformation.” 

The acquisition underscores the criticality of app security in the broader security ecosystem as well as the strategic importance of application security to NTT Security’s vision and strategy. It is critical that, as enterprises transform their businesses, that the client engagement through applications is secure. 

WhiteHat is the leader in application security testing and DevSecOps, providing customers with the ability to secure the applications that run their businesses. We will continue to focus on innovation and broadening the solutions we bring to market and proactively managing their cybersecurity risks. By combining WhiteHat Security with our consulting and advisory services along with our next-generation platform-based Managed Security Services (MSS), we shift the focus from reaction to prediction and prevention.

Kazu Yozawa, our Chief Technology Officer, is quoted in Forbes outlining cybersecurity risk management. Elsewhere, we also had John Petrie (NTT Security Americas CEO) on the main stage during the Cyber Risk Forum discussing emerging cyber threats with Mike Rogers, former US Cyber Command and NSA.

Loking forward, we will be at the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) roundtable where Steven Bullitt will attend on our behalf and, on Thursday, Sushila Nair from NTT DATA will be a panelist on BrightTalk webinar on defending against cyber threats.