Today marks the second major milestone in our integration – 28 companies from more than 70 countries will rebrand as NTT and I am delighted to be leading the new Security division. 

We have made excellent progress in the last 12 months (July 1st was the first day NTT Ltd was formed) and it’s the result of many thousands of hours of hard work. 

We have been aligning multiple systems, updating processes and educating the workforce which now comprises of more than 40,000 people. On a security level, we have also been looking at how we align our own security systems and focusing on the expertise and skills of our 2,500 security experts such as the analysts and engineers sitting in our Security Operations Centers (SOCs) as well as our threat intelligence teams.

So what does the integration mean for organizations worldwide?

The internet knows no boundaries so, by having the global footprint that we’ve got, we are able to see potentially unique attacks on their first attempt. One of the little-known facts about NTT as a company is that 43% of internet traffic is touching our cables at any particular moment in time. That’s significant in terms of the scale of data, and there are not many companies that have that coverage or that access to so much data.

This allows us to get much further ahead, and be far more knowledgeable about what's going on – both on the internet and dark web – that may have an impact across our clients.  

What’s more, we have the commitment and backing from our global holding company, NTT Inc, to invest in the R&D side of the organization. Over the next five years, for example, we will be investing in excess of $3bn in R&D per annum. NTT already has the efficiency, the technology, the machines, and the artificial intelligence but we want to know what sort of algorithms we need to write to make our machines even smarter. 

Intelligent cybersecurity is central to NTT in helping businesses ensure they are ‘secure by design’ and this will enable us to establish what’s needed to adopt the ‘predict and prepare’ approach necessary to become a fourth-generation security provider. Innovation plays a critical part here, which is a topic I am looking forward to covering in a future blog post.

Ultimately, our new company is going to positively impact businesses that work with us. In fact, the feedback I'm getting from our clients is that the integration is just what they wanted. Now they have one team that looks after them, one account management structure – making it crystal clear who’s who in the account management team. 

It's still early days, but our clients have been comfortable with the transition and there has been no disruption. This is thanks to the 2,500 dedicated and passionate security people, who, like me, are on a mission to keep clients happy and secure for the long-term.  

We have got some very talented people and the integration represents a great opportunity for them be recognized for what they do best. In fact, it’s already giving us the exposure we need within NTT. After all, security is much more relevant to businesses every day. Bringing all of our security experts together enables us to be more collaborative and consistent across the 73 countries that we operate – and we can’t wait for the future.